Paintball Games

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There are tons of softball game versions. Some paintball games can be played outdoors while there are also some indoor kinds of paintball games. Although some specific rules differ on each paintball games, all of these paintball games have one similarity, which is “to take at the opponent or opposing team”. Unlike that paintball is also among the safest sports.
There are many standard paintball games.

  • Capture the Flag — this kind of paintball game is like the classic schoolyard game. The match begins with teams on opposing sides attempting to catch or acquire their competitor’s flag at the same time protecting their own flag. The first team to capture their opponent’s flag and put it onto a designated location (which usually is in their base camp) accomplishes victory. Another method of attaining victory is by eliminating all the players of the opposing team.
  • Elimination — the first team to eliminate all the players in the opposing team wins.
  • Neutral Flag or Center Flag — very similar to “capture the flag”. The only difference with these kinds of paintball games is the game started with one flag at the middle of the area.
  • Resurrection — very much alike with “elimination”, except that the players may resurrect or replicate the match in their starting station once they are hit.
  • Just Plain Crazy — this type of paintball matches has lots of names. This sort of paintball game can be played with teams or individually. They will then converge or meet on the center of the field. The game’s goal is whoever is going to be the previous participant or the last team standing wins the game. Most players of the game will eventually finish their paychecks mark propellants, or operate from ammunitions or sometimes leave because of pain. Players in these kinds of paintball games do not get removed by one paintball hit. They generally quit due to the inability to survive the attack if paintballs from each direction in a close range. This sort of paintball game is generally played as the last match of the day when gamers wish to dissipate their air source and paintballs. This type of game is however uncommon as a result of its violent character as most of its players will eventually end up covered with bruises and welts and most of all in the paint.

Therefore, if you and your friends want to have great time hunting, try playing some of those paintball games. It may hurt but it certainly will be enjoyable.


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