Paintball Guns

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Paintball markers or more frequently called “paintball firearms” are originally made for marking trees and cows from the farming and forestry industries in the early days. The earlier version of paintball guns (like of many of the paintball firearms) is powered with carbon dioxide capsules. However, earlier versions of paintball guns are poor in variety and have second-rate accuracy. The “cattle and tree marking” paintball firearms were modified to reduce the speed to prevent harm in the paintball game. The initial paintball gun manufactured to be used specifically for the softball game was the “Splatmaster”.

The majority of the modern paintball guns are semi-automatic. They could fire up to twenty-five paintballs per minute (do not forget to duck if your opponent uses this type of paintball gun.). However, there’s also a “stock-class” paintball firearms for gamers who wish to play a game with a low rate of fire and low ammo capacity. Pump action paintball guns are powered with a 12-gram carbon dioxide cartridge or occasionally routine gas tanks. Pump action paint markers just have ten paintballs each ammo tube and isn’t spring loaded which results to what’s commonly known as “rock and penis” action wherein the player needs to shake or rock the marker so that the paintball will fall in the chamber before cocking the paintball marker.

Sidearm markers are normally a pistol with a carbon dioxide cartridge for its own power. Sidearm markers are either pump action or semi-automatic and also have a magazine with eight rounds attached to the gun. The usage of paintball sidearm is very much discussed among paintball players. Some assert that sidearm paintball markers are essential on the battlefield when your main gun jams or runs out of carbon dioxide or even ammo although some players believe otherwise.

Paintball markers that are designed to look like real guns are known as “mil-sim” or short for military simulation. Most of these military simulation game markers are used in woodsball games. Military simulation markers are somewhat clunkier than other high-end speedball markers and they’re painted in dark or camouflaged to blend with the foliage or shadow. There are a few paintball players who prefer to use hoppers on their markers while there are others using magazines that are extremely much alike with real automatic weapons. Lots of paintball markers come with shoulder stock so it’ll have a more realistic look.

Although many say it is the player which makes a team triumph at a paintball game, there are also others who claim that getting the best and much more realistic paintball marker is definitely cooler than winning the match.


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