Paintball Markers

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A paintball marker is the most significant item of gear in playing the game of paintball. Paintball markers as well as called as “paintball guns” are used to mark an opposing player with paint or what most paintball players would call a “hit”. Paintball markers are powered with a fast expanding gas, usually carbon dioxide or compressed air. The carbon dioxide or compressed air compels a paintball (the ammunition) via the hose at a really large velocity sufficient enough for the paintball to break upon impact but not enough velocity to cause considerable tissue damages.

Paintball markers have evolved rapidly. From a single shot, handheld, manually cocked pistol which was mostly used for marking trees and cows to an electronically controlled, pneumatically cocked, complete ranged firing modes markers. Early paintball firearms were manufacture for the Forestry Service for signaling trees. The majority of the ancient paintball markers have identical functions and features.
Paintball markers have four chief components. These will be the body, hopper, tank along with the barrel. More called loaders, hoppers hold the paintball (ammunition) for the paintball markers. Hoppers have a lot of different variants. The hoppers principal ways of feeding the paintballs into the paintball markers are gravity, force nourishes and agitates feeding. Paintball marker hoppers that use force feed and agitate feeding have a higher rate of fire compared to paintball markers which use gravity as a feed method, but they have a greater trend of malfunction. Paintball marker tanks hold the compressed gas which is used to accelerate the barrel. The tank is usually filled with carbon dioxide. However, some paintball markers use nitrogen or more called “high-pressure air”. “High-pressure atmosphere” tanks (HPA tanks”) tend to be more expensive than carbon dioxide tanks. Most paintball players prefer paintball markers that use high-pressure air compared to manufacturers which use carbon dioxide. Markers that use HPA tanks are somewhat more consistent and reliable. Barrels of most paintball markers include twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen and twenty-five inch in length. Some paintball players have markers with barrels up to forty-eight inches, because longer barrels are more straightforward and much more precise. Barrels below eleven inches have no precision and inefficient. On the other hand, paintball guns with longer barrels need additional propellant for the paintball than short barreled paintball guns.
To raise the rate of fire of paintball guns in the first years means polishing the internal components and altering spring prices. Since the game evolves that the rate of fire paintball guns also evolved. Paintball marker manufacturers then introduced various upgrade parts for paintball guns. Some manufacturers even produced markers that are more realistic, more army like paintball guns.


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