Paintball Masks

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Also known among paintball players as goggles, paintball masks are safety devices that paintball players are compelled to wear. Paintball masks shield the eyes, mouth, nose and ears of this paintball player. Some paintball masks features throat guards for extra protection. Paintball masks are engineered to prevent paintball from injuring the player’s head. But, paintball players should also remember that the lenses aren’t designed to withstand high velocity effects of paintballs or impacts of paintballs traveling at great rates.

Paintball masks are one of the most essential safety gears in the game paintball. If you want to play paintball you have to have a pedicure masks, maybe not ski boots or goggles. Paintball masks are specially designed for the game paintball. The lenses of a paintball mask are much bigger and have significantly more peripheral vision than other goggles.

There are some paintball masks which feature mask lovers or thermal lenses. This “features” prevents the fogging of the lenses of their paintball masks during the game. Thermal paintball masks have two lens knobs which have a very small pocket between them that prevents fogging from occurring. On the flip side, “anti fog paintball goggles” are now available on the market, although these kinds of goggles only have one lens that have an anti-fog coating on them by which will eventually wear out.

Always ensure your paintball goggle will protect your ears completely. Being hit the ears is as debilitating as being hit in the eyes. Your paintball goggles also have to have a fantastic face protection. Make sure that your softball gloves have a fantastic match on you. With all those crawling, running, sliding, jumping, dodging and, of course, shooting, an ill fitting paintball mask will gradually fall off. Always make certain that your paintball goggles have a comfortable and safe fit. Look for paintball goggles that have a lot of padding at the area surrounding the lens and needs to have a wide and adjustable strap for proper fit.

You must replace your paintball mask if you notice little cracks around the lens; cracks normally begin about the edges of the lens. Eye injuries often occur when paintball players do not wear their masks or if they wear masks that are not specifically designed for playing the sport paintball. The secret in playing safe is to have the ideal type of masks that is fit and comfortable to the paintball player.


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